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  • MARS Food
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Marina Matusevich was born in 1995, on March 6 in Minsk.
During her school years, she studied at an art school, receiving the basics of art education and aesthetics.
Studied graphic design at the Minsk State College of Arts.
For some time she worked in the field of photography and fashion, created photo projects dedicated to famous brands in the world of fashion and art. Some works have been published in VOGUE ITALY.

Collaborated with modeling agencies as a photographer and author of art photo projects.

From 2016 to the present, he has been working as a branding designer-author, engaged in the creation of corporate styles, logos, visuals for brands, advertising. More than 350 projects have been created in Belarus, Russia, America, Israel, England, etc.

She is also currently studying at the European Humanities University, majoring in Bachelor of Visual Design (Lithuania, Vilnius)

Winner of international design competitions: Gillette, Enfagrow, Old Spice, Coca-Cola, Royal canin, AbInBev.

Sphere of interests: techniques of old masters, abstraction, street art.

The basis of creativity is the study of how the visual affects a person.
The key point is the study of how color and shape contribute to the formation of the viewer's mood, how, at the moment of communication with a picture, a person himself draws its image for himself in his thinking.

Creativity idea: What makes a person happy?
How to learn to be in the present moment, to be yourself.

Combining design and art to create a new aesthetic.
Study of contemporary design and art solutions.
Styles in which I work: abstraction, minimalism, pop art, realism, street art elements

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