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Over six year working in creative. I have designed for many various industries, such as: Fashion, Game, Entertainment, Information Technology, Advertisement,...

My most essential job is to help people to build and develop a brand or a product or even a person. In 2018, I had opportunity to work directly with CEO and Regional Director to create artwork and proposal from beginning to end of each project. After that, I expanded my career by working with interface and motion graphic design.

I have been honoured to lead teams by creating fluent procedures which they can feel comfortable to work, giving instruction in artistic and creative, inventing new ways to show things, helping them to get inspiration and develop their own style,...

One of the things I am most proud of is always trying to keep solid principles for works.

Graphic - Visual - 2D Motion Graphic - Branding - Communication - User Interface
Contact via e-mail: elvispoetry@gmail.com

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