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Over the last 8 years, I proved my skills in these areas:

1. Business & Marketing Strategy and Planning.
2. Product Innovation, Ideation & Monetization.
3. Content Creation, Writing/Copywriting.
4. Proposals, Pitch Decks & Presentations.

*As seen on (Entrepreneur Al-Arabia)

Brands I worked for: Aigner, Cornavin Watches, Softlock, Munchkin, Püttmann GmbH & Co, Promate, Europcar.

Clients' sectors: Tech, Hardware, Startups, Hospitals, Fashion, Retail, Kids Goods, Watches, Transportation, Mobile Apps, Education, Textile, Restaurants, Food & Beverage, Mobile Accessories, Farms, Real Estate, Wholesalers, Coffee, Clinics, Human Resources, Construction, Interior Design, Training, Research Centers, Health Care.

*I'm open for freelance consulting & copywriting projects.

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