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I am a freelance graphic artist passionate with vegan graphic design especially in custom logo design and vegan logo design.
I worked in the Graphic Design Industry for the last 20 years and have created thousands of logos for both large corporations and a small businesses.
Logo is the face of the bussines. Its individiual and visual so its indivisual! What's more ,it shows the main characteristics of the business. If you know the secret rules how to read face you can implement this knowledge to your individual business logo too! There are few of designers in the market who knows and uses this secret priciples with meanings!
I also found of ethical life and veganism long ago so you are lucky if you are searching for a vegan designer!

Let's work together to create a logo that is deep connected to your business identity and grab your client's attention!

You can check my recent works at: (FaceBook:fun logos)

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