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Attract Millennials to Ma Pause by reinventing the logo

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1 сентября 2016
18 сентября 2016, 23:59 UTC
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It’s not just kids who love fruit purees. Adults love them too, and to please them, Materne has created Ma Pause Fruit (My Fruit Break).

Ma Pause Fruit is a very good blend of fruits and berries served in a 120 gram pouch (instead of the standard 90 g, so the dose makes more sense for adults). It has an intense and delicious taste, much more than any other fruit puree for kids. It’s very close to the original fruits since it has no preservatives, no artificial aroma, and no added sugar. It’s very convenient. People take it when they leave home and consume it on-the-go.

Young urban and active adults like to snack; they must indulge at some point of the day. But snacking (especially in France, the only place where Ma Pause Fruit is sold) has a bad image. It’s seen as something to be avoided, because most of the snacks are full of fat and sugary.

Unfortunately, most French Millennials don’t even know that Ma Pause Fruit exists. If they did, they would love it!

The brand will evolve and will not be made of 100% fruit in the future. In the near future, the pouch might contain other healthy ingredients like cereals, for example. The brand name will then be changed to “Ma Pause” (My Break). It needs your help to get a new logo and re-invent its branding to appeal to young adults and be seen as the brand which makes snacking breaks an acceptable pleasure.

Творческое задание

Create a new unique and appealing logo and a key visual for Ma Pause, to express the healthy, yummy, on-the-go snack.

Today, the logo is seen as very rational. It does not tell any story and does not convey any emotion.

The objective is to create a new logo and a key visual that will not only express emotions, but identify Ma Pause as the acceptable snack adults look for. Because it’s healthy and always will be, adults can indulge whenever they want. They have the right to do it, and Materne encourages them to do so.

Have in mind that Ma Pause is individual, and is consumed in a “me-moment”, not shared. Either in front of a computer at work, while driving or in a long chair at the beach … it’s there to help me relax and brings me pleasure without guilt.

Your entry must be made of a logo and a key visual to illustrate your creative concept. The logo should be unique, original and tell the story of a healthy snack for great individual moments. It should be something that is easily understood.

The key visual aims to illustrate your creative idea and represent the brand universe.

Please add a page of text that explains your concept. Tell us what’s the idea behind it and why you chose this font, these colors, these dynamics etc.

Have in mind the no-gos and the must-haves:

  • Emphasis should be made on the word “Ma” (“my”) as it’s a key element of the product (a product for me).
  • The Materne logo must be part of the logo as today and it should not be changed.
  • Only reference to natural products (not too many colors, for example).
  • Don’t add any text to the logo. It should read: Ma Pause.
  • No link to functional products.
  • No industrial / transformed products.
  • Even out of the packaging, the logo should express and transpose the universe and the brand story.


Приведенные примеры отражают только наши ожидания. Пожалуйста, не используйте их в своей работе, иначе она будет отклонена.

Think about how a logo can communicate the “me-moment” and the healthy snack. Don’t forget pleasure!

Be creative and smart.


Приз жюри

  • #1 Приз 1 500 €
  • #2 Приз 1 000 €
  • #3 Приз 500 €


Three-page presentation: first page with logo, second one with the key visual, third page made up of explanations.

Критерии победы

The client will select the ideas that best express the values of the brand and are catchy. The emotional element is key to winning, too.


Инструкции для этого конкурса

  • Brand personality is:
    • SIMPLE & NATURAL, to please yourself without a complex.
    • YUMMY, intense in fruit taste.
    • JOYFUL, young and especially feminine.
    • MODERN, and convenient.
    • ON-THE-GO, to eat & enjoy everywhere.
  • This is a product for adults. Don’t mistake the product with Pom’Potes, which is Materne’s brand for kids in France.
  • Use the pack provided to put your logo on. And upload your logo as a stand-alone, too. All assets are in the creative toolkit.
  • Entries should be in English or French.


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