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Celebrate the "breakers" with KITKAT!

In a playful, surprising and high-quality video, show us how KITKAT helps "Breakers" celebrate their break, as only KITKAT can.

Video (up to 60 seconds – if you can do it in 45 seconds’, that’s even better)


Kit Kat Nestle

A big thank you to all the participants for your work and efforts! We really enjoyed watching all your videos!


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Выбор, который сделал Kit Kat

florieberrehar #1 Приз
florieberrehar 23 220 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 12 000 €

Very creative and fresh idea. On top of being well produced and having a better acting than most, has managed to integrate the product in creative ways and put the ritual at the center of the video

Kit Kat
shadowkey #2 Приз
shadowkey 2 510 Творческий счет
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#2Приз в 5 000 €

Really well done, product is at the center. Great break idea, and origina

Kit Kat
fredcavender #3 Приз
fredcavender 10 Творческий счет
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#3Приз в 3 000 €

We like it because different than many entries that look like TVCs, this one has an online language. Challenges and stunts are quite common with YouTubers and resonate well with millennials (e.g Dude perfect channel).

Kit Kat

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