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Small and powerful – Tampax Pearl tampons empower women during their periods!

2 500 €
Конкурс окончен 28 июня 2016
Иллюстрация - Писательское искусство

Elizabeth uses tampons with a pad as backup during her heavier flow days because she worries there will be leaks. She has thought about using higher absorbency tampons without a backup pad but she feels that these tampons will be uncomfortable.

Tampax, a leading brand of tampons, has designed a new tampon to solve this protection-comfort trade off.

Can you help Tampax convince young adult women that this tampon is what they have been looking for: the ultimate tampon for comfortable, leak-free periods?

In a poster with a tagline, show young women how Tampax tampons are small, yet powerful, finally giving them power over their period.

Format: Poster with tagline on page 1 + description of the entry on page 2 (2 pages max)