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Small and powerful – Tampax Pearl tampons empower women during their periods!

Начало 14 июня 2016 Конец 28 июня 2016, 23:59 UTC Обсуждение Результаты июля 2016
14 июня 2016
28 июня 2016, 23:59 UTC
августа 2016

Identical entries will be rejected

16 июня, 15:00

Please note that you must not send an entry that has already been sent in the first Tampax (Form Fit) contest

If you do, the entry will automatically be rejected by moderators. 

Please create something new and respect this new challenge! 

Thank you! 



Elizabeth has just turned 22. She is graduating from college soon and has already started working. In life; she wants it all, and she has the hope and determination to get it. Education, career, social life… She makes great efforts and believes in every step she takes. When it comes to feminine hygiene products, she uses tampons with a pad as backup during her heavier flow days because she worries there will be leaks. She has thought about using higher absorbency tampons without a backup pad but she feels that these tampons will be uncomfortable.

Tampax, a leading brand of tampons, has designed a new tampon to solve this protection-comfort trade off. New Tampax Pearl tampons provide women with powerful, leak-free protection in a smaller size for amazing comfort.

Can you help Tampax convince young adult women that this tampon is what they have been looking for: the ultimate tampon for comfortable, leak-free periods?

Творческое задание

In a poster with a tagline, show young women how Tampax tampons are small, yet powerful, finally giving them power over their period.

This tampon is designed with more efficient absorbing fiber technology to be smaller than current Tampax Pearl tampons so it is more comfortable to insert, wear and remove. Also, its small size means that women can be more discreet while carrying tampons while at university or at work. Despite its small size, its improved absorbency means it doesn’t leak thanks to its FormFit™ design that caters to the vagina’s true physiological shape. From now on, women can have it all! Less for more: a smaller size tampon AND more protection. The challenge is that women question how smaller tampons can provide the same protection or even better.

We’d like to talk to young adult women (18-24 years' old) like Elizabeth who want the best from life, and dive into it to make the most of it! Tampax helps give women power over their periods so that they can live without limits all month long. Your idea needs to convince them that Tampax Pearl is small and powerful – so they will be able to enjoy life every day without worrying about their periods.

Use creative metaphors, analogies, associations, etc., that appeal to this target audience, instead of technical explanations, to come up with a strong visual! Your idea needs to be smart, intuitive and make them think: “It’s so much better to have such small and comfortable tampons without sacrificing on performance (or protection)!”

Tampon ads are often on a beach or in swimming pools. Although that is ok, it implies that tampons are only used for those special occasions. Help communicate that Tampax Pearl is designed to be used throughout a woman’s period.


Приведенные примеры отражают только наши ожидания. Пожалуйста, не используйте их в своей работе, иначе она будет отклонена.

A good entry could be a poster showing a woman sailing on a small boat in a big ocean. Although there are waves and wind, she still looks calm. Like the small boat, Tampax is small and powerful. The tagline says:” With Tampax Pearl, I don’t panic.”

A bad entry could be a poster showing a woman doing sport. We’d like to see your analogy that reminds people how small and powerful Tampax Pearl is. A visual of women doing sports is not enough.


Приз жюри

  • #1 Приз 1 500 €
  • #2 Приз 600 €
  • #3 Приз 400 €


Poster with tagline on page 1 + description of the entry on page 2 (2 pages max)

Критерии победы

We are looking for ideas that bring to life the small and powerful benefit of Tampax Pearl in a smart and intuitive way. The winning entries need to be easily understood by young adult women and to emotionally engage them.


Инструкции для этого конкурса

  • Entries should be in English
  • You can download the Tampax logo and packshot in the toolkit
  • Tampax believes that women should live without limits, even during their periods. “Tampax’s protection allows you to dive right into life – so you need never miss out on an experience because of your period!”
  • Your entry should include a visual, a tagline and a short description of your idea
  • Please don’t use any inappropriate content/language
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