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Tell us an engaging and surprising story that shows that when you see Lay’s, you want Lay’s!

Invent fun and unexpected stories that bring to life how Lay’s potato chips are irresistible and that when you (or the hero of your idea) see them, you want them!

Presentation with texts and at least 1 visual illustration (maximum 4 PDF page)


Lay's Pepsico

Dear participants, thank you very much for taking part in the Lay’s contest. We appreciate your creativity and great sense of humor. While we had to choose just three ideas - we judged the ideas based on several factors: sense of humor, originality, drama, intrigue; most of the ideas presented were very fascinating and entertaining.

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Выбор, который сделал Lay's

cjs_capricorn #1 Приз
cjs_capricorn 0 Творческий счет
  • Видео
  • Иллюстрация
  • Писательское искусство
  • Фотография
  • Написание сценария

#1Приз в 3 000 €

The idea has a lot of surprise in it and proves Lay’s irresistibility message - even the meditating monk could not resist. We also think that the story can be shoot in a beautiful way.

shathree #2 Приз
shathree 50 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Иллюстрация
  • Писательское искусство
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки

#2Приз в 1 500 €

Funny way to present Lay’s irresistibility. Interesting set up – calm, grand and stately court room and the funny ending makes the story even more attractive.

kevinvijaya #3 Приз
kevinvijaya 130 550 Творческий счет
  • Видео
  • Иллюстрация
  • Писательское искусство
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки
  • Написание сценария

#3Приз в 500 €

Funny story with an unusual characters. Truly breaking the conventions to get some Lay’s.


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