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Разработайте эффектную стойку-витрину для 3 парфюмерных марок премиум-класса, представляющую их продукцию в качестве идеального праздничного подарка.

10 000 €
Конкурс окончен 18 июня 2014
Иллюстрация - Писательское искусство

Mexx, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Banani from Procter & Gamble are premium fragrance brands that sell a lot during the Christmas season.

In hypermarkets, these brands are presented together, in a single tower. Procter & Gamble would like your help to design good-looking displays that will not only catch the attention of busy shoppers, but also suggest that even if bought in hypermarkets, these gift packs are high-quality products.

Design an impactful and premium tower display for 3 premium fragrance brands: Mexx, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Banani that will catch the attention of shoppers and suggest that these gift sets are perfect presents, even if bought in hypermarkets

Format: Presentations, design based on template (3 pages, PDF only)