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我们希望每位平面设计师都能上传自己的作品集,赢取我们的两个现金奖(250欧元)。 与我们分享你的作品,向我们展现你的才华! 除了技能,你也可以通过作品讲述故事,成为颇具才华的艺术家...让你的才华绽放光芒!



eYeka Eyeka

We are super happy for this second edition of eYeka Portfolio, this time focused on Graphic Designers. Congratulations to all the participants and a special thank you to the finalists. Your work was really good and we had a hard time to select the 2 winners: great ideas, nice execution and very diverse creative universes.

We asked the help of our Art Director Fabien to select the 2 best. The third one was ArtHouse portfolio followed by one from laurybonjean.

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corineporine #1 Приз
corineporine 10 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Иллюстрация
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки

#1Приз в 250 €

I work in the visual communication since 10 years and i'm passionate in applied arts from my childhood. I also like interior decoration, painting, photography and art history in general.

I was manager and the art director of a communication agency in Alsace for 7 years. Currently, as i moved in Nantes, i'm creating a new company of communication : a food and drink agency, which is called SMAAK.

I applied to this contest because i wanted to share my previous work with the community and in order to be known. I think that it was a good opportunity to highlight my skills. I chose the size of the portfolio as it can be easily printable. I developped it with my own corporate identity : a lemon (my logo) and the yellow for the cover. I put a timeline to summarise my background. In the introduction, I display some pictures to sum up my knowledge. Then, i selected 4 of my work by showing each identity, on different communication medium. I don't think it's necessary to write a long text in the book because the pictures are important, they illustrate my work.

We choose this entry as a winner because of diversity of subjects, very clean and neat work together with high quality of the design. Very nice creative universe! Thank you for your participation! Congratulations! 

wilitoff #2 Приз
wilitoff 0 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Писательское искусство
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки
  • Написание сценария

#2Приз в 250 €

I work in an advertising agency as an art director. This contest caught my attention and I wanted to show you my work. Now I'm also participating in another contest. A great portfolio is achieved with great dedication and love for what I do. And thanks for the recognition.

The main reason why this portfolio was chosen as one of the winners is the high level of creativity. We saw a great diversity of really impactful ideas. Thank you for your participation! Congratulations!


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We would like to thank huge thanks to all the graphic designers who participated in the recent eYeka Portfolio contest and share with us a piece of their creativity.

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