Дизайн упаковки Doncafé Конкурс завершен

Сможете ли вы придать Doncafé чувственности и создать новую соблазнительную этикетку для пакетиков и коробок?

10 000 €
Конкурс окончен 18 декабря 2013
Графический дизайн - Дизайн лейблов и упаковки

From the delicious and delightful smell and aroma to a wide variety of irresistible flavors, Doncafé instant coffee mix is all about pure sensuality.

Doncafé’s coffee comes in small ready-mixed sachets. They offer a variety of delicious flavors such as classic coffee + cream (2in1 or 3in1, with sugar) or indulgences like flavored coffee (rum choco, toffee caramel, tiramisu or even pinacolada for ice-coffee versions.)

But the size makes it difficult for these sachets to stand out in the crowded supermarket shelves among all the other coffee brands…

Can you sensualize Doncafé and create a new, irresistible label design for its sachets and boxes?

Format: Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text. (PDF only)