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Расскажите нам, когда в последний раз вы пробовали что-то впервые.

Наша жизнь полна событий, которые случаются в «первый раз». «Первый раз» открывает новые возможности. Он заставляет нас пробовать новые вещи и испытывать новые ощущения. Не так просто поддерживать любопытство и смелость для экспериментов. Всегда существуют сомнения, которые удерживают нас в нашем комфортном пространстве. Но когда вы последний раз пробовали что-то впервые?

С помощью оригинального, увлекательного и качественного мини-фильма расскажите нам, когда в последний раз вы пробовали что-то впервые, вдохновившись Coca-Cola.

Внимание: чтобы понять конкурсное задание, прочитайте описание полностью. Одного резюме будет недостаточно.

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dreamcatcher #1 Приз
dreamcatcher 0 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 24 000 €

I am a director for “Freakin Rad Films” an independent online video production company. We've worked on dozens of fun independent videos for our own YouTube channel “FreakinRad” as well as many other videos for clients and online video contests. I've personally been working in the documentary world for over a decade, but also enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and action adventure fiction work. We are putting together a feature film in 2014 that takes place in the near future.

Filmmaking and storytelling are my passion and I felt so honored to be able to represent Coca-Cola with my work.

Marcs #2 Приз
Marcs 0 Творческий счет
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#2Приз в 6 000 €

We were enthusiastic about the idea of taking part in a worldwide contest for such a famous brand. It was a great challenge for a small team like us but we trusted our idea and wanted to make it real.

It was exciting to help someone to do something for the first time and watch and capture his impressions and feelings so closely. We had lot of fun with the protagonist and it was a huge satisfaction for us making one of his dreams come true. It was just a gift. We lived and enjoyed a nice story, but we also made our work true and we are very happy and proud of it.

cistudios #3 Приз
cistudios 0 Творческий счет
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#3Приз в 3 000 €

We were really excited to do this ad. As its kind of a person story to me. Me and my brothers did this when we were growing up. Coke bottles always make the perfect bottle rocket holders :) this was one of my earliest childhood memories. Film-making is always best when it is done with a team, and we were really excited to produce this spot and have fun while doing it.

We are always looking on Eyeka for fun and challenging spots to create and this one was a great fit. We always create media with a good story. That is always the first thing. Story is king. Everything else is secondary and that is our film making approach. :)

We are so excited to take 3rd place

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We received more than 90 entries and one of the winning entries was that of Marcos Pitarch and his colleague Borja Castelló.

His winning entry features Joaquìn Anton, a 75-years old man who had never seen the ocean in his entire life. The video shows how Marcos and his team brought Joaquìn to the sea, capturing this beautiful experience of a man who spent his entire life in Santa Cruz, Spain, without ever getting to hear the sound of waves. His dream of visiting a beach for the first time came true.

Coca-Cola featured the winning mini-film on its brand content channel in Latin America, bringing Marcos and his team the recognition that the spot deserved.

The story was also featured on the Spanish television, as you can see in the following spots, garnering the creators fame and recognition for a beautiful “First Time” story.

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