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Как сказывается хорошее внутреннее состояние на вашем внешем виде?

Activia – вкусный сливочный био-йогурт, который естественным образом нормализует функционирование пищеварительной системы.

Этот йогурт поможет вам почувствовать себя лучше внутри, что скажется на вашем внешнем виде и выведет вас на пик формы.

Ваше задание: расскажите, как на внешнем виде сказывается хорошее внутреннее самочувствие, которое дает Activia.

ФОРМАТ: презентации PowerPoint, иллюстрации с комментариями, сториборды.

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Activia Danone

First of all they are dead on brief. They reflect how feeling good inside (or not) can affect your daily life and they use interesting metaphors (mask, wings, ..) and key visuals that are good hints for our creative teams to push further in developing the brand's communication.

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I still remember it was late at night when I did this storyboard and the deadline was near. When I had read the brief the idea just flew in my mind out of nowhere, so before I forgot it, that very day I made it. And I'm so happy then knowing that I get the 1st prize. Usually when I win something, I will celebrate it with my family and besties, by treating them a dinner or lunch. I'm glad and they're glad too. Nothing's more pleasant than a shared pleasure. Meanwhile, I know I've been promising myself that I will travel to new countries whenever I have a chance. And my next target is the kangaroo's country. My relatives there invite me to visit them. Besides, they say that Aussie is different from any other countries. On Christmas season there's no snow there. I imagine how could it be, celebrating Christmas with no snow? hope I will see them with my very own eyes . Thanks eYeka, I plan to travel there next year and the expenses may be from this prize

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