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Анализ конкретного примера. Tapping Into Consumers' Ideas to Accelerate Innovation In Oral Care

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최초 인터넷 연결 칫솔로 구강 관리에 혁명을 일으키세요!

대부분의 사람들은 구강 관리를 당연하다고 생각합니다. 치아를 돌보는 건 별로 재미있는 일이 아니라 많은 사람들이 구강 건강을 등한시하는데요. 올바른 방법으로 관리하고 있는지 결코 알 수 없기 때문입니다. 인터넷 연결이 가능한 전자 칫솔이 어떻게 여러분의 삶을 더 좋게 만들 수 있는지에 대해서 말해주세요.

여러분의 아이디어로 어떻게 이 칫솔이 잠재적인 건강 문제를 진단하는 데 도움을 줄 수 있는지를 상상해보세요.

제출 형식: 프린트(프리젠테이션, 일러스트레이션, 사진, 스케치...)

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Oral-B P&g

Thanks to the richness of the ideas, we have successfully made interactivity the new vector of innovation for Oral-B.
It opened thousands of opportunities that are now feeding our Initiative Master Plan.

Thank you all for such a creative input!

Приз жюри Победители

Выбор, который сделал Oral-B

ypp1117 #1 Приз
ypp1117 30 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Иллюстрация

#1Приз в 1 500 €

Actually I did expect winning in this contest; I hope you don’t find me arrogant :)When I saw the brief, I already have some ideas. So I couldn’t wait to start thinking of the ideas, even when I was in the bathroom. I came up with many ideas especially when I was brushing my teeth. During my creation, I revised my entries for many times and then continued to add in new ideas, it was great fun when creating entry for this contest! I found eYeka two years ago, but I was very busy so I didn’t participate a lot, but I check out the eYeka website almost everyday, it becomes part of my life now. Thank you eYeka for providing such a great platform for us, I am sure we will be more interested in joining the future contests. Lastly, I really hope eYeka can provide winning certificate for the winners, that will be perfect!

moebius #2 Приз
moebius 0 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Писательское искусство
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки

#2Приз в 750 €

I’ve only been a couple of months participating in eYeka and I`m really excited about it. It is a great experience being part of a community as creative as this. There are really good people creating and with a lot of imagination. I come from the real estate advertising world but here you find a wide variety of topics and sectors that helps to develop my creativity skills. As to the contest, it has been very useful for me to observe the attitude of my children about brushing their teeth. I think that to observe is essential in any creative process.

thaubyas #3 Приз
thaubyas 0 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Иллюстрация
  • Анимация
  • Писательское искусство

#3Приз в 250 €

I work in a design collective called "dafox" which aims to make design and communication accessible to all. With the internet and touch screens, a lot of new experimentations are possible, and we want to encourage this experimentation. eYeka is a fabulous playground to experiment new ideas, and in this contest I liked the fact that I could really experiment by adapting game mechanisms to oral care, which is not the most fun chore in our daily life. When I found out that I won, I was surprised and happy because it acknowledges the quality of my ideas, which is always pleasant. I donated all the prize money to a French charity called Reporters Sans Frontières because it's a social cause I deeply care about.

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