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Придумайте оригинальную и интересную упаковку для мороженого, которая понравится детям!

Внимание: чтобы понять конкурсное задание, прочитайте описание полностью. Одного резюме будет недостаточно.

Мороженое – это лакомство для детей. Дети любят мороженое не только за чудесный вкус, но и потому что его весело есть с друзьями. Оно приносит радость и вовлекает в игру!

Придумайте оригинальную и интересную упаковку для мороженого, с которой смогут играть дети; используйте персонаж комиксов «Max the lion».

ФОРМАТ: Изображения, иллюстрации и скетчи с описаниями.

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Gilower #1 Приз
Gilower 18 590 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 3 000 €

A good friend recommended eYeka to me. Participating in international contests is an important challenge to me, and some of the contests are launched by the best brands of the market! For me, it's a good opportunity to challenge myself and to extend significantly my curriculum. And why not say it, because the prizes are very succulent! :P

I have been studying modeling 3D for years, and this Ice Cream Packaging contest looks like a good opportunity to practice on the creation of a packaging. So I joined this contest.

When I got the news that I won… as my first participation in a contest, I was slightly skeptical. I uploaded my media in the last day because I had other urgent work. Then, few days later, “eYeka” contacted me and communicated to me that I was the winner of the contest! The first thing that I thought was: to continue to participate in more contests in eYeka!

When creating media, normally I take some time of reflection, when the bulb is illuminated, I put it on the paper and the rest comes alone, time and dedication, and do not forget the deadlines!

I usually work alone. I'm a Graphical Designer and my projects do not require a great team to carry them out. Also, I have other projects that need teamwork with some artists, some of them are my best friends and my partner ;)

A novel idea, showing real invention. Captures the spirit of the competition with adventure – you have to do something to unlock the puzzle to gain the treat. It is also instant play value”

michel_schmit #2 Приз
michel_schmit 0 Творческий счет
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#2Приз в 1 500 €

I knew eYeka from my cousin, he was interested in video contest. I participate in contests for money! It isn't funny, but it's true, I haven't been working since September, I have done with the cards I have!

Max the Lion is the first contest that I participated in eYeka! It's an interesting contest, I made it within 48 hours!

When I found out that I won, I was surprised and happy! I did not really expect to win an award for my first entry! I received the eYeka email a few days before Christmas, so I call it a gift!

When creating my entry, I usually start with my drawing first, at the beginning. I'm an illustrator, so I draw a lot. Then thanks to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign :)

In this case for Ice Cream Packing, I was thinking about what is cool now, I first thought of zombies! But it was not really targeting to the audiences, then I thought of the pirates, I think they appeal to children.

I do not work with team at all! Seriously, I work alone on the competition now, and a few other small things… I think working in a team will be more interesting and challenging. Here is my site: http://shokujin-graphik.com I make design, layout, illustration … Do not hesitate to contact me if needed! ;)

A good combination of using both pieces of packaging – carton and stick – and combining this with online interactivity

artgranat #3 Приз
artgranat 10 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн

#3Приз в 250 €

A simple but nice idea, and uses existing packaging, so is quite practical to implement”


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