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Свяжите любовью бананы Chiquita и мам, делающих покупки.

Всем знакомы бананы Chiquita. Во всем мире люди наслаждаются их вкусом и улыбаются всякий раз, когда видят логотип Chiquita. К сожалению, когда матери семейств покупают продукты для всей семьи не всегда думают о том, чтобы купить именно бананы Chiquita.

Мы хотим, чтобы марка Chiquita нравилась им еще больше. При помощи простой, уникальной творческой идеи мы хотим подтолкнуть мам покупать бананы Chiquita каждый раз, когда они идут за покупками.

Формат: печатные изображения, иллюстрации, эскизы с объяснениями.

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JLewis #1 Приз
JLewis 4 580 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 2 500 €

I knew eYeka through the internet. Although I really like advertising, I quitted my job due to the overload of hours per day and the work conditions that here in Brazil are very abusive and exhausting. I sold all my stuff and went to study cinema in Cuba. When I came back, the first thing I did was searching for possibilities to start my career as a cinema director and among my searches I found eYeka.

I decided to participate because I thought it's an incredible opportunity. Good customers, good products, good deadlines. Well, I decided to participate in order to develop cool material and to gain experience. I was not thinking if I was going to win or not, but joining the Chiquita contest was quite a challenge.

When I received the news that I was chosen, it was a surprise because it was my first participation and I really wasn't expecting it. It made me very happy.

My inspiration comes from my everyday experiences or the things I read, that directly and indirectly feed me. I try to have an open mind to seek possibilities and to find interesting solutions to everything I do.

I create the entry all by myself, but before sending my work I get help from my girlfriend Helena, for the English translations. I'm super happy and I believe this award is a bonus to keep working more and more. Thank you.

chrysalide #2 Приз
chrysalide 20 Творческий счет
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#2Приз в 1 500 €

I knew eYeka, by searching on Google about creative contest, and honestly, I'm not disappointed. I admit that at first I thought it would be very difficult to win a contest, but I won the second prize of Chiquita contest ! eYeka is a great site where you can express your creative ideas by different ways, depending on the capabilities of each, and for me the adventure continues!

spoon #3 Приз
spoon 0 Творческий счет
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#3Приз в 1 000 €

It's amazing to know that I won the 3rd prize and this is the second time I get award from eYeka!!

I am now studying at Renmin University of China and major in Journalism. Graphic design and drawing are my favorite things to do even before college.

In this case, the idea of trying to figure out what makes a brand popular among its consumers and help it to sell well is more important than fancy drawing. eYeka is a gorgeous place to try things out and make some pocket money XD… I'm pretty sure that I will keep going and try to make some change! Thank you eYeka!!

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