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Создайте новый дизайн упаковки Pampers для родителей, которые хотят наилучшего!

Подгузники всегда были для родителей одновременно и необходимостью и бременем. Сегодня родители видят ребенка как часть своей активной жизни. Они хотят общаться с друзьями, заниматься делами, стильно выглядеть и тем не менее считаться хорошими родителями. Они хотят всё и сразу и могут себе это позволить.

Придумайте новую упаковку Pampers для современных родителей, которые ждут опыта более высокого уровня, когда покупают, выбирают, хранят и используют подгузники Pampers.

Формат: изображения, иллюстрации, эскизы, сториборды, или любой другой визуальный формат, позволяющий продемонстрировать вашу идею.

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Mrno #1 Приз
Mrno 9 950 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
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#1 Приз в 3 000 € за The Rolling Pampers

My name is Li Huilin, a student in Jiangnan University, China. My friend recommended eYeka to me last year, and since then I have been participating in lots of contests, especially in design & insight contest. They brought me so much fun to my life and they indeed explored my creativity. Because of eYeka, I have chances to know many creative people in the contests and for me it's really exciting to see so many creative works from different creators.

I created all of the entries by myself, but I look forward to working with other creators too. Usually my inspiration comes from my own life and the magazines I read. For Pampers contest, I went to the shopping mall to check different diapers products, so I can have a basic idea on how to reinvent the packaging, it was interesting to do so. I was surprised that I won the First prize, still can't believe it! Thanks eYeka and Pampers!

Will24 #2 Приз
Will24 2 040 Творческий счет
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#2 Приз в 1 500 € за Pampers new heart design

Although I am not a professional designer, I have always been interested in it. I like the idea of coming up with innovative ideas and sketching them up in a piece of paper. This Pampers contest has really got me interested because as a diaper consumer myself, I feel that at least I know somethings that could be developed to add functionality and appeal to the diaper packaging. I did not expect for my design to get chosen as one of the winners, knowing that there are a whole lot of other designs by professional designers entered in the contest! So when I got the congratulatory words from eYeka, I was really surprised. There's no other feeling like winning and I feel very happy and honored that I won. Having won a couple of other contests in the past, I must say that joining eYeka has been a truly rewarding experience for an amateur like me and I encourage my fellow creators to keep on participating. Who knows, it might be you who will win next time

natyzea #3 Приз
natyzea 0 Творческий счет
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#3 Приз в 500 € за packaging design diapers

Hi! My name is Natalia Zea, I'm from Medellin Colombia. I am working as Director of Advertising and Marketing in a company of oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Although my focus has always been in the area of marketing, I always love the creative process of making an advertisement. I have never been a believer of these competitions because I never won anything before. But when I saw the Pampers brief, I found it quite interesting so I dared to participate, although I never thought I would be one of the winners. I would like to say to all the artists: never give up! You have to show your ideas and it's even better when they're awarded with a prize! Many thanks to eYeka and Pampers!

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