Be brief. Be witty. Конкурс завершен

Начало 18 ноября 2011 Конец 18 декабря 2011, 23:59 UTC Обсуждение Результаты февраля 2012
18 ноября 2011
18 декабря 2011, 23:59 UTC
февраля 2012
Be brief! Be witty! Tell a story in only two pictures!


The world is moving faster and our attention span is getting shorter. People don’t read books anymore, they read blog posts. They don’t go watch operas anymore, they watch short clips on YouTube. They don't write long letters anymore, they tweet. People want things to happen fast. Shorter is now better.


This could push your creativity and imagination to the limits: Can you create two images that tell a compelling, striking, interesting short story?

Both pictures will be your original creation, not existing images. The first image would be a hook, a picture that stops someone in his track and command attention. We want to know what happens next! The second picture will be the twist, the “coup de théâtre”. This is where all is revealed. Surprising and fulfilling.

You have much leeway on this project. Your 2 pictures story could be used in the future to illustrate matchboxes, books, bus ticket packs, CD-covers… The only thing you should keep in mind is that your story should appeal to young people who are cool, edgy, a little bit popculture fans, a little bit subversive but creative and clever at the same time.


• We are looking for images only. No text.
• The two images must work together: teasing and ending!
• Don’t be serious; be unexpected, witty and clever, and humorous.
• Your 2 pictures must be combined and uploaded in the same media.


Original illustration, photography in .ppt, .pptx, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .tiff, .bmp... in High Resolution!

Winning Criteria

We are looking for images that are really striking, relevant and well designed with a strong story and concept. Surprise us!


1st Prize: EUR 2,500
2nd Prize: EUR 1,500
3rd Prize: EUR 1,000


Start Date: 24 November 2011, 14:00 (UTC)
End Date: 18 December 2011, 23:59 (UTC)


Contestants undertake to submit creative and original works.
Contestants warrant that they hold all rights upon submitted works and warrant that the use of the works in the contest does not violate any third parties' rights.
Contestants acknowledge that in case of breach of these rules, the organizer shall be entitled to deem their participation and the prize granting as void.


Приз жюри

  • #1 Приз 2 500 €
  • #2 Приз 1 500 €
  • #3 Приз 1 000 €