Gum Concept 2 Конкурс завершен

$4,000 USD
Конкурс окончен 27 марта 2011
Иллюстрация - Писательское искусство
Here is a new concept for a chewing gum, with holes filled with different flavors, textures and colors for a complex and sophisticated chewing experience.

The gum comes in two very different styles: one is for maximum pleasure and comes in fun fruit flavors. The other is for breath freshness and has a minty flavor.

What flavors, sensations and moods would you like to experience chewing these gums?

How would you describe the way each gum looks, the texture, and flavor experience?
What does each gum do for you? Does it save your date or interview? Does it change your day somehow?
What reasons would you give your friends to try these gums?
What name would you call each of these gums? What packaging art would catch your eye?
What is each gum’s personality?