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Inspire the future of premium hair dryers for women all around the world.

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Same need, but new expectations for premium hairdryers

For years, hair drying at home has been a boring and uncomfortable task for women, taking way too much time and damaging their hair due to the hot temperature. This is also true for Esme.

Esme is a 34-year-old working professional. She frequently washes, dries, and styles her hair to achieve salon-like results. Due to her busy schedule, Esme uses the highest and hottest setting on her hairdryer because she wants to finish drying and styling her hair as quickly as possible. While doing so, she worries about damaging her hair with this high heat setting. In an attempt to reduce the damage caused by exposure to the heat she either lowers the temperature setting mid-way through the drying session or stops when her hair is nearly dry.

In its simplest form, Esme’s dream hairdryer is one that perfectly combines fast drying while keeping her hair looking and feeling healthy even with heat styling.

“Drying and styling my hair is a constant battle between getting the drying done as quickly as possible vs. preventing hair damage caused by extreme heat.”


One brand raised the bar

In 2016 Dyson changed the expectations of women all around the world when they launched the world’s first premium hairdryer, Supersonic, and created a whole new premium hairdryer category from scratch The Supersonic hair dryer brought a key innovation in its motor, which led to the iconic “ design, while also adding intelligent heat control measuring air temperature over 40 times a second, to prevent extreme heat damage It is unique in its appearance and comes with a range of premium attachments.

With the Supersonic, Dyson essentially created the premium hairdryer category and made people believe that hairdryers were no longer a basic tool for drying hair, but a luxury item. Since its launch, women, just like Esme, believe that hairdryers can be exciting, premium, and innovative As true trend followers, who have seen such luxury hairdryers shown off by stylists and celebrities, they have built an emotional desire for a luxury hairdryer, and they are willing to spend a lot of money on one They now expect hairdryers with cutting edge technology that actively protects hair from heat damage, but also provides salon like spectacular results (healthy and shiny hair) with the least amount of time and effort. For example, they expect a hairdryer to be intelligent and adaptive to their own hair, like sensing their hair’s moisture levels and automatically switching to the right heat and speed setting, so they don’t have to worry about it.


Philips is a well-known leader in the electric beauty industry, and they need you to give them breakthrough ideas for a new premium hairdryer that can enter this premium hairdryer category be seen as luxurious and innovative, and make Esme fall in love!

Are you up for the challenge?


A whole new challenge for Philips

As women are open to paying for a more advanced and luxurious dryer, their expectations have also increased they no longer see hairdryers as functional devices that simply dry hair but as a luxury technically innovative product in their home.

For a hairdryer to even be seen as premium, it needs to offer much more, with a mix of features and elements that build its value and “premiumness”:

  • Visually, it should have a luxurious design that is also compact and lightweight.
  • It needs to provide a quick drying experience.
  • Next, it needs to include new technology and features that add key benefits, such as:
  1. a smart technology with cutting-edge innovation that changes the way women see hair dryers e g a new way to limit, prevent, reduce, or repair hair from heat damage while drying);
  2. features that enable the dryer to moisturize and protect the hair;
  3. multiple modes for specific hair needs;
  4. easy to use and practical attachments.
  • And lastly, it needs to provide a 'wow factor' that can make it truly unique and help it stand out from the competition, such as:
  1. Delivering outstanding results via specific features like a special essence or moisturizing property;
  2. offering nourishment to the hair scalp
  3. provide extra comfort and a feeling of luxury at home via accessories/ features.

For this challenge, we ask you to keep these elements in mind and specifically focus your ideas on new technologies features, and 'wow factors'.

On the other hand, even though they aspire to own such a premium device, women may be hesitant to purchase the hair dryer when they see the high price tag. While they are amazed by the technology and aesthetics of premium hairdryers, they still need to be convinced that it is worth paying for and give themselves permission to splurge on it.

A way some women will do this is by calculating cost-effectiveness if the quality is high and they are reassured of the durability of the device and its unique innovative features, this will convince them to get a more expensive device compared to cheaper alternatives. Women may also recognize that the results and extra benefits that the hair dryer provides are so good that, in the long run, they will save money from future salon visits or hair treatments.

When creating your idea, consider how it will help women overcome the price barrier and convince them to spend the high price. Any innovative feature or wow factor should easily convey an end benefit for their hair or their drying experience.

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