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Create a product or experience that will revolutionize how people take care of their facial skin!

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Конкурс окончен 19 июня 2022
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Beauty routines come in many shapes and forms, some of us like to keep it simple with minimal use of products and ingredients whilst others go for more elaborate routines. You name it, whether it’s incorporating a variety of products, ingredients, and methods (face-gym anyone?) or going for specific monthly treatments, the last few years have seen an ever-broadening definition of what we refer to as skincare (or face care).

Today, the numerous possibilities on the market help cater to a multitude of lifestyles, needs and beauty aspirations. Some brands and products cater to those with a fast- paced lifestyle offering effortless and ultra-convenient experiences, whilst others place a stronger emphasis on “me-time” by creating pampering and relaxing moments for their customers. We are also witnessing an increasing appeal for hero ingredients that ensure superior efficacy on one hand, and the re-appearance of more ancestral techniques and ingredients in the skincare landscape.

To keep up with these ever-emerging trends, the facecare industry needs to continuously innovate and create new experiences that cater to people’s unmet needs. In this sense, three markets – China, Japan and Korea – are of interest to our Sponsor, a Sponsor which has been in the beauty industry for over 100 years and now operates in more than 150 countries ! China, Japan and Korea have been leading the way in beauty for many years, being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to how people take care of their skin. Taking inspiration from these, but not restrictive to these markets, the brand wants you to come up with a new and revolutionizing face care product experience that will change the way people take care of their skin!

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