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Help P&G reinvent the way we clean our hair

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Have you ever thought about different ways to clean your hair or questioned how often you should wash your hair? The way people think about hair cleansing is changing. We all have different hair types, preferences and cleansing needs, yet most brands tend to provide a “one size fits all” solution in the form of a liquid shampoo, designed to be used in the shower.

As a global leader in the hair care industry, P&G (Procter & Gamble) wants to break this mould. They have been doing some research and have identified three specific hair cleansing needs that regular consumers, like you and me, struggle with daily because of a lack of innovative hair cleaning solutions.

These are:

  1. Making it easier for people with limited mobility to cleanse their hair (e.g., people with limited grip, unable to raise their arm(s) above their shoulder(s), only one arm available)
  1. Helping people to cleanse their hair without leaving it feeling “stripped” or over-cleaned – like all the natural oils have been removed along with the dirt.
  2. Helping people to detangle their hair, without the use of silicone, whilst also cleansing it.

With this in mind, P&G is calling on you to help them expand their thinking with out-of-the-“liquid shampoo”-box ideas to solve these challenges for people. That means re-thinking how, when, where and why we cleanse our hair to create a new product, service or technology innovation that can be used to solve these specific hair cleansing needs.

Are you up for the challenge?

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