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Can you help LG Display to create catchy global communication ideas for its OLED TV and OLED Anti-Glare TVs?!

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Конкурс окончен 9 февраля 2022
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The majority of people in the world watch television. And there is a lot of reasons why people watch television; for example, some people watch it for entertainment, some to get the news and catch up on what’s happening in the world, and some watch it to pass the time. In this era, getting our work done and making video calls can even be executed from our TV too!

The content we experience is not just from traditional broadcast or “live” TV, but also from streaming service too. And we’re not limited in just watching movies either, there’s various contents and activities that can be enjoyed from TV, like playing console games, sharing photos/memories, enjoying art, and so on.

The fast pace of technological advancements in the last few decades have greatly diversified our television viewing experience beyond the original TVs from 20th century. We can now buy and watch a diverse mix of televisions, including different types of resolution and screen now being available.

Speaking of TV and its innovation, LG electronics (world famous brand of consumer and business electronics through its LG Display) is planning to provide two types of display with different degrees of glare (a phenomenon many of you may be familiar with, when light reflection or reflection of people/objects reflects off the TV screen) to better suit the needs & values of consumers in different TV usage scenes.

There are two types of TVs LG would like your help creating a campaign for: OLED TVs and OLED Anti-Glare TVs; the fundamentals of the TV technology are the same except the degree to which light reflects upon the screen. Therefore, LG Display intend to develop global communications that best explain / showcase the benefits of each TV type, customized to the specific target customer expectations and TV usage needs. Can you help?

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