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Melanin is the new Gold! Help Beiersdorf by bringing to life a new African Face Care brand and product range.

5 000 €
Конкурс окончен 7 февраля 2022
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African skincare has not yet found its place at the global beauty table. However, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of African ingredients (such as Marula, shea butter, moringa, buchu and African black soap) in beauty products, as well as more and more local skincare brands emerging in Africa. A popular international beauty and personal care brand, Beiersdorf, which also has deep roots in South Africa, would like to take African skin care expertise to the world stage, while also uplifting the local community (e.g., contributing back to the communities that supply the raw ingredients, by creating demand for the products that include these ingredients).


The buyers / users of these types of products love them because they embrace the natural, local ingredients of Africa, as well as the fact that it is specifically formulated for their specific skincare needs, which usually include oily skin, dark marks, impurities, uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation.


The buyers of these products are generally African women (aged 20 – 40 years), and they are often looking for…

  • Traditional ingredients with skin benefits.
  • Active ingredients for matt, bright, more radiant, even and visibly healthy-looking skin.
  • Products that aid in promoting glowing skin, while maintaining the natural colour state of the skin.


The beauty industry is only just catching up with supporting African women in starting to feel proud of their deeper tone and melanin rich skin, and we need your help to showcase a joyful celebration of African Beauty! We need your help in developing a diverse and inclusive face care brand that will resonate with the women of Africa, while also helping to uplift the community.


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