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Rethink how natural mineral water and flavored water-based beverages can be present in home and/or out of home in new ways to engage consumers into more sustainable and convenient consumption.

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Конкурс окончен 9 мая 2021
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People are increasingly aware of the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day. They feel the end benefits of good hydration go well beyond positive effects on the physical health of themselves and their family, but also improve their mental health (mental concentration, efficiency at work, avoiding headaches, …). And furthermore drinking water is also pleasurable.

Regardless of this, consumers are also experiencing ever growing concerns about the planet (plastic bashing and no-packaging awareness) and the continuous need for convenience (glass too heavy to carry/bring back to store, less willingness to dedicate time and motivation to shop for commodities). This has pushed consumers to seek for alternative water consumption.

A European player is offering several local brands of natural mineral water and spring water of local water sources, as well as refreshing flavored waters and lemonades. They are challenged by competition of (new) brands and categories entering the hydration space and playing on consumers’ convenience and sustainability tensions - e.g. delivery & pick up of glass bottles at home, filtered tap water solutions, refillable bottles for on the go, …

The company wants to help consumers, companies and institutions (e.g. school, hospital, workplace) to continue to hydrate with pure, high quality natural mineral waters and/or water-based innovations instead of (filtered) tap water while improving convenience and engaging into sustainability. In this challenge you get the opportunity to rethink how their offering can be present in home and out of home in new ways to engage consumers into more convenient and sustainable consumption.

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