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Help women with physical disabilities to achieve their hair styling dreams!

5 000 €
Конкурс окончен 28 апреля 2021
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The beauty industry is far behind when it comes to providing practical and accessible products and solutions for disabled people. In the US alone, 1 in 4 adults (61M) are living with a disability, including physical, visual and mental disabilities.

Hair – it’s every woman’s best accessory. It shows her beauty, health and style. A well-known Hair Care brand in the US, that delivers salon quality professional products that you can use at home, sells a variety of affordable products aimed at women aged 18-55+ years old. Products include mousses, creams, lotions, sprays and gels, as well as some styling tools such as straighteners and curlers.

However, these products are not yet accessible for all – and we know that, now, many women with disabilities are having to spend a lot more money than the average consumer on beauty products, because many products aren’t designed with them in mind and so just don’t work for them.

Our client, the US Hair Care brand, believes that it is time for a big change and that all women, despite any disability, should be able to achieve their styling dreams at home, with professional quality, affordable, and reliable products.

Our client is looking to develop accessible styling products for women in the US with mobility, physical or visual impairments. They want to help all women to be able to style their hair in the most easy and effective way possible, no matter how specific women’s individual needs are. They are looking for inclusive hair styling products that are effective and easy to use – right from the shop shelf, through to the at-home product usage.

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