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Celebrate living everyday for a better me

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Hong Kong is the most dense, competitive, fast pace place in the urban world. Going fast is a must for many reasons, and also because people don't want to miss the numerous and short term finance trading opportunities. Never be late not to miss any opportunity ! and that is true for education, too! So, Hong Kong people always strive for self-improvement of their knowledge of their skills and capacities. Every effort requires a result: immediate, tangible, measurable, valuable! 

This transactional mindset also creates a lot of stress, which is great to move forward, but also puts pressure on the lifestyle balance : stress, unbalanced lifestyle, bad sleep, unhealthy body, unhealthy mind, all impact the performance at work and in life : how to get out of this vicious circle ? 

Our client is an international company that offers various types of service to people, across South East Asia, and is recognized by their customers as committed, innovative, proactive, open, and caring. Although trustworthy and protective, the company’s category is also considered dull and passive. It does not offer many opportunities to engage with the customers regularly. The company wants to create on going engagement with both existing and potential customers to increase attractiveness and loyalty.

How? By offering an APP to help the people in Hong Kong and inject optimism to transform everyday moments into occasions worth celebrating. Can you help?

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