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Create a new instant hot snack for Unilever!

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Конкурс окончен 31 января 2021
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Instant hot snacks offer a quick, easy, fuss-free mini-meal or meal replacement. When we do not have time to prepare a meal from scratch, when we crave for a savoury snack, or if we need that extra energy in-between meals to keep us going, they offer us easy comfort food in less than 5 minutes.

Unilever sells a variety of instant hot snacks packaged in pots (such as noodles, pasta, or rice dishes), block noodles, or instant hot soups. These snacks are tasty, affordable, convenient, and filling, and as they are ambient can be kept on standby in the cupboard.

However, these ‘mini-meals’ can feel a bit old-fashioned and tired and don’t seem to tap into current lifestyle and cultural trends. People live complicated, busy lives – pulled in so many directions and need solutions that suit all these different occasions – be that a healthy physical or mental boost or a moment of carefree fun and indulgent pleasure, for themselves or their family, in or out of home…

Unilever believes that it is time for a big change and invites you to create new instant hot snacks that set new food trends and bring new exciting products on the shelves for current and future consumers. Are you up for the challenge?

Create instant hot snack solutions that are fit for the future!

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