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Inspire Chefs with exciting and easy to use Hellmann’s dressings and sauces

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Конкурс окончен 26 июля 2020
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Being a chef is rewarding but also very demanding. Beyond the great meals we eat at restaurants, there are hours spent on sourcing the right products, developing an exciting menu, catering to customers changing palates, and designing an efficient process in the kitchen.

These challenges are further intensified in a post Covid world, and there are three specific tensions and spaces that we have identified as opening up opportunity for innovation in dressings and sauces (further details on this below).

Hellmann’s is the world’s number 1 mayonnaise amongst consumers and a chef’s favourite. Trusted by chefs, it makes the perfect complement to all types of food, commonly used as an ingredient, filling, topping or accompaniment to enhance a variety of meals and dishes such as sandwiches, burgers and salads.

Hellmann’s wants to support chefs by offering them new solutions that make their life easier (by resolving the 3 tensions identified) and helping them to create great tasting dishes. We need your creativity to imagine ideas that can help chefs while leveraging on the unmistakable taste that Hellmann’s brings.

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