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Imagine the story of commuters in mobility hubs in 2030!

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Конкурс окончен 6 апреля 2020
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Urbanization is bringing people closer together in densely populated cities across the globe and we can see that cities (e.g. Paris, Shanghai, Sydney Los Angeles & London) are expanding in size to allow for this growth. This phenomenon has an impact - which is an increased need for personal mobility in these growing cities. It is anticipated that this trend will continue and new solutions will have to be found to address this potential issue regarding mobility.

As such, in order to facilitate peoples’ mobility in large cities, the need for mobility hubs arise. A mobility hub is a space for means of transportation to connect to different modes of transport, whilst serving peoples’ everyday needs.

These hubs will likely provide more than just the transport-mode switch (i.e. from train to bus etc.), as they can help facilitate peoples’ day-to-day activities and tasks by providing timely services on commuters’ terms. Strategically located mobility hubs can reduce the need for inconvenient detours caused by chores and cumbersome activities.

Mobility hubs might also improve the efficiency of the entire transport system, but most importantly, they’ll improve the perceived experience of commuting by solving more than just transportation as they will also give back quality time to people.

These mobility hubs will facilitate cars, trains, and other traditionally designed mobility solutions in most use-cases, especially in long-distance scenarios, making cities accessible from suburban and rural areas. But they could also incorporate other forms of travel.

Our client is in the mobility sector and they wish to understand how these potential mobility hubs could look like. They need your creativity to foresee and imagine these future mobility hubs (2030) from the eyes of the commuter/user – can you help?

For this project, we are running a test on a new version of eyeka. Half of the participants will be randomly redirected to a platform that has a similar experience.
If you are part of it, we would appreciate if you could go through the flow and share your feedback on it, whether you submit an idea or not. And don't worry, it won't impact your chance of winning as there will be 3 winners for each platform. 
We hope you will like it!
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