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Makes Hand Protection Appealing to a New Generation!

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We often hear “life is in your hands” and it is true that they are the start of everything in life. Hands are precious and deserve cautious care throughout the day. Gloves are the most obvious and effective invention in history to protect human hands and preserve our skin. The rationale of wearing gloves has always been the same, but gloves have significantly evolved to support people in their handy activities.

Housework is one of the main areas where people need and wear gloves, whether they wash, clean, cook, garden, etc. Brands like Spontex have developed a wide range of glove solutions to cater for all those daily needs. They offer best-in-class products to make housework more efficient and more enjoyable, so people can get more out of their lives. Apart from that, daily life throws up plenty of occasions where wearing gloves can be very useful and often people don’t think about it.

However, more and more people tend to avoid the use of gloves and some do not even think of protecting their hands. It has been especially noticed among younger generations, those ages 30-35 years old, at an age when they settle down and start having more household tasks to take care of. There are many reasons for this trend and we need your creativity to find an impactful idea to overcome and convince this generation of the importance of protecting hands. Can you help?

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