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Create a storyboard idea that cuts through the clutter in mobile for a new disruptive cough relief syrup!

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Конкурс окончен 12 января 2020
Графический дизайн - Написание сценария

In the past, to treat a cough, most of us were either firmly in the “medicated” camp, or in the “naturals” / home remedy camp. Today, not only are there more people who aspire to treat a cough with natural solutions, but there are more people who actively use both natural & medicated solutions.

Even if more people want to work in harmony with their body vs against it, they still want something that works. Unfortunately, many “naturals” brands don’t quite meet people’s expectations, and there is good reason. The “naturals” cough relief category isn’t subject to the same regulations, or burden of proof, as true medicated solutions, so it’s hard to know what to believe and what to buy. It’s a bit of a “shoppers beware” market with lots of trial, error, and patience required!

Beechams Cold & Flu is considering to launch a new natural Cough Syrup that really works! Can you help create a disruptive mobile first launch campaign that is as disruptive as the new syrup being launched?  


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