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Improve cat’s health & well-being with a breakthrough prevention solution!

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Cat owners love their pet and enjoy all their special moments with him/her. But they see that he/she is changing throughout his/her life stages. Pet owners wish to keep the bond they have as long as possible by choosing the right functional treats and/or supplements for him/her. They believe prevention is better than cure when it comes to the health of their pet. They want to focus more on the prevention of health issues (both physical and mental) through supplements and functional treats – in addition to the main meal.

But when it comes to prevention pet owners don't really know when it’s time to start thinking about specific health issues, so they can start using supplements to prevent those from happening. In addition to that, the nutritional needs of their cat vary throughout his or her life stages and even during the year (seasonal effect).

Royal Canin knows the world of cats and dogs is more diverse than people realize. The brand partners with pet experts to deliver a wide range of nutritional products that cater to every pet’s needs to transform every individual cat and dog into the magnificent animal it has the potential to be. Royal Canin is a science-based brand that does not want to mimic human behavior (anthropomorphism) among pets, but rather meet their inherent needs.   

Treats are therefore a sensitive area, as giving treats often does not fulfill a genuine pet’s need, instead meeting an owner’s emotional one, and it may actually lead to obesity and related health problems. Royal Canin needs your creativity to imagine solutions for pet owners willing to support their pet’s health. Can you help?

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