A new value menu for McDonald’s US. Осталось 4 дня
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Invent the next McDonald’s value menu!

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Осталось 4 дня
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In the United States, fast-food giant McDonald’s is a very well-known and well-loved brand that does everything to bring to life its vision: “Making delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone”. Because McDonald’s team understood how important the presence of a value menu is for its consumers, the brand decided to launch the Dollar $1-$2-$3 Menu in January 2017.

Currently, the Dollar Menu $1-$2-$3 (“D123”) is not doing everything that McDonald’s had hoped for, which does not help the brand or individual stores grow. And this is where you step in!

Today, McDonald’s needs you to evolve this menu and find a way forward to make it work well for everyone: the customers and the brand. Help McDonald’s to identify ways to evolve and reinvent the value menu by going beyond strictly low-price points.

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