Reinvent Travel Exclusive experience Осталось 8 дней

Imagine the new generation of Travel Retail Exclusive experience for a perfume, cosmetics & skincare brand!

5 000 €
Осталось 8 дней
Графический дизайн - Писательское искусство

Travel Retail Exclusive Products (TREP) are products only sold in airports or downtowns, and most of the time are purchased as a gift for others, or a souvenir for yourself when travel.

There are very few innovative or attractive products that provide sentimental value or special experience for travelers.

Now, a perfume, cosmetics and skincare brand with a high-end couture heritage would like your help to imagine the next generation of travel exclusive products, to provide revolutionary experiences for travelers!

Reinvent the travel retail exclusive experience for a fragrance, skincare & makeup brand for a new generation of travelers!

Format: Presentation with illustrations and text, max 2 pages.

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