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jtk468 #1 Приз
jtk468 2 220 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 3 000 €

Thank you for the recognition and award.
As a practicing innovator and inventor, I focus on unique solutions to challenging problems via a balance in creative and engineering fundamentals in my design approach. Look forward to working with the provider and towards future contests.

Play system is an innovative idea that enables to bring true differentiation versus existing solutions, playfulness to the consumers while helping them to become more autonomous and having fun. Using our packaging to build something bigger can really change the way it is is perceived and deliver additional value to the consumer. We also liked the idea of using the cup which makes it possible to create something out of nothing and allow kids to interact with their parents during construction period.

kalinaasia #2 Приз
kalinaasia 12 770 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
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#2Приз в 1 500 €

Danonino brand is transforming itself to focus on a child’s full development–health, social, and emotional–and encouraging children to become autonomous. My day idea is something exactly what we are looking for in that matter. We strongly belive that this solution can really help children to learn while having fun at the same time.

2hdesign #3 Приз
2hdesign 396 250 Творческий счет
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#3Приз в 500 €

We are happy to have won this contest. We were very pleased to participate. Thanks to Eyeka and Danonino

Dino presentation idea can help to stimulate the imagination and build a relations between parents or peers while learning and playing together. We belive it will also support the process of creating a connection between the consumer and the brand within high age range, delivering playfullness time for all participants (not only the youngest one).


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