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Get naked fruit convenience with Dole fruit cups

Tell us how Dole fruit cups are a convenient way of eating naked fruits through tongue-in-cheek and creative stories!

Story (Text + Visuals) – Based on the template provided

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I hesitated at first to go this route, but quite frankly, this was the best decision I made. I absolutely loved having so many different talented creators produce such great work. It would encourage our campaing team also to get more creative. Wow, what a challenge that was. Such great work from all that contributed to our product contest. Thank you all! I will definitely, use this process again in the future, and hope to work with you all :)

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#1 Приз в 1 200 € за Undressed

This was a fun brief! Enjoyed working on it, and
honored to have been selected.

Considering this entry I was stunned! It was something very unique and NEW approaching the refined expression on free of hassle through our product linked with zipper of clothes. I really loved this storyboard filled with creativity, sexiness and clear message. It was something I've never seen before, really intriguing work!

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We were happy to win the prize. We wanted to thank Dole for an amazing brief and Eyeka Community for this amazing opportunity for young people to develop their creative spark.

I was amazed this visual style make our product conceptual to be real peeled fruit through "Unzip". I don’t even think about using other similar platforms in fruit category. It has inspired with our team and lays down the building blocks to develop key theme and visualization.


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