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Amaze us with a new approach to showcase O&G cereals providing a happy start to the day!

Share fresh stories for new O&G Warm and Crunchy Granola and O&G Spiced Oatmeal which break cereal advertising clichés and tell us how, with their vibrant ingredients, they are a whole new way to enjoy breakfast to give a happy start to the day.

Story (Text + Visuals) – Based on the template provided

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For a fast contest we were really spoilt for creative choice – so many creative ideas and possibilities for our brand. Best of luck with future contests.

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jva58 #1 Приз
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#1Приз в 1 000 €

I'm very glad that you liked my idea! Thanks Eyeka for interesting competitions. Take part and win!

Thank you so much for the simple but inspiring story and visuals – rhythm and movement – Great inspiration.

thechulun #2 Приз
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#2Приз в 500 €

Thank you so much for O&G and eYeka for selecting my entry as the 2nd

We really liked the stop motion execution guidance and the energy and movement of the ingredients – Quite inspiring.


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