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Продемонстрируйте нам, как Kinder Сюрприз разжигает у детей неподдельное любопытство и восторг.

Создайте сценарий с иллюстрациями, где будет показано, как у детей при виде Kinder Сюрприза зарождается любопытство, появляется восторг и ощущение счастья, которое также делает счастливыми их матерей.

Сценарии с визуальными иллюстрациями (используйте шаблон).

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Kinder Surprise Ferrero

Dear All,
we want to thank you very much for participation in our project.
it was a very exciting and inspiring journey that broght very interesting ideas.
we are happy that Kinder Surprise evokes such emotions and creativity - showing a lot of potential new routes that differ one from the other!
thank you again for loving Kinder Surprise so much!

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chikirin #1 Приз
chikirin 10 570 Творческий счет
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#1Приз в 3 000 €

this idea show in a very insping and emotional way the "effect" of Kinder Surprise that our brand has on every kid, no matter if Polish or any other nationality. it talks about excitement, joy, sparkling eyes with anticipation - all emotions that allow mothers to see real , sheer joy in their kids eyes!

Kinder Surprise
marijamitic #2 Приз
marijamitic 4 750 Творческий счет
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#2Приз в 1 500 €

this idea is very strong in curiosity and discovering - important elements of "perfect trio" that for Kinder Surprise is so important as it gives competitive advantage from other sweets. all mum want their kids to be discovering world, be curious!

Kinder Surprise
bananapineapple #3 Приз
bananapineapple 0 Творческий счет
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#3Приз в 500 €

this idea is well telling the story of curiosity and discovery that in mums eyes are what all of them want to see in their children.

Kinder Surprise

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