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Name the new ESCADA perfume!

Surprise us with a name that has the potential to become a motto for women to create their own happiness for Escada.

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Escada Coty

Thank you to everyone for participating to our contest. A lot of entries were excellent and it was difficult to choose! Many of you took on the challenge and understood the brief well and it was fantastic reading you. Many thanks!

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chioushyan18 #1 Приз
chioushyan18 50 550 Творческий счет
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#1 Приз в 1 500 € за The Philosophy of Now

Hi. We did like the "call to action" and the intensity of the words NOW. We got very inspired for the new name! Thank you so much and Well done!

drmsarkar #2 Приз
drmsarkar 1 231 850 Творческий счет
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#2 Приз в 600 € за Lift- Inspired by the upLIFTing phrases in the manifesto_v2

We liked the simplicity of the word together with the "uplifting mood" . Thank you so much and well done!

randybau #3 Приз
randybau 31 550 Творческий счет
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#3 Приз в 400 € за Ode to Joy

We appreciated the positivism of this name, thank you very much for participating.


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