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Show how families that are active together are more bonded and connected, both physically and emotionally.

Show how Dutch Lady builds physically and emotionally strong families that bond and connect because they are active together.

A presentation with text and visuals (maximum 3 pages, PDF).


Dutch Lady Frieslandcampina

Thank you for all your creativity and enthusiasm! Wonderful to see all the ideas and interpretations.

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Выбор, который сделал Dutch Lady

adrianzapatagarcia #1 Приз
adrianzapatagarcia 489 420 Творческий счет
  • Графический дизайн
  • Иллюстрация
  • Писательское искусство
  • Дизайн лейблов и упаковки
  • Написание сценария

#1Приз в 3 000 €

I feel proud of this achievement and I'm very happy to know that Dutch Lady considered inspiring my proposal. I hope one day I can watch a video based on this idea! Thanks!

What works well:
Insight and desire of kids to connect more with parents / father
Shows active family bonding
Role of product is clear and credible
Simple, impactful, effective way of child communicating with father i.e. a handwritten note

Dutch Lady
MacRone #2 Приз
MacRone 92 940 Творческий счет
  • Писательское искусство
  • Написание сценария

#2Приз в 1 500 €

What a fun brief! Having lived and travelled in the region I think the ambition of the strategy is excellent. Fingers crossed the campaign pays off - and the ideas here help the Dutch Lady on her way. Huge thanks to both the brand and eYeka teams for making it happen. Cheers!

Idea can have a lot of legs or possibilities for an actual campaign

Dutch Lady
majamijatovic #3 Приз
majamijatovic 18 160 Творческий счет
  • Писательское искусство
  • Написание сценария

#3Приз в 500 €

Interesting contest, and very challenging. Thanks for choosing my work for
3rd prize.

Strong potential for emotion
Having mobile screen as part of the story presents creative ways of executing the film - especially from a mobile first point of view

Dutch Lady

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